Friday, December 20, 2013

New Proposal Submitted for Hirst Road Development

Town Council Special Meeting/Public Hearing and Vote
The applicant for the Apartment complex has formally withdrawn their application. Further, the applicant for the entertainment complex has requested their matter not move forward as they review their options including withdrawal.

Developers are now proposing to build an indoor and outdoor commercial recreation and entertainment facility as well a 176-unit tax-credit multi-family apartment complex off Hirst Rd and Maple Avenue. Developer presentation is available. See it for yourself.

Development will add 9,000 Vehicles Daily to the Hirst/Maple Intersection and Town Streets!

The average Go-Kart has a decibel level of 79-83 dBA at 100 ft. Batting cages exceed 90 dBA. Loudoun County code limits the level of continuous noise emitted from such use, as measured at the property line shared with a residential use, should not exceed 55dBA.

Explosive Growth
Purcellville residents alone will bear infrastructure cost of this development. More Students=Larger Classrooms!

We Don’t Need More Apartments
Purcellville has the highest concentration of Tax-Credit apartments in Loudoun. The need in Western Loudoun does not exist; build where job centers are.

Wine/Rural Country No More
Bye-Bye Small Town. Nothing goes better with wine than bumper cars? Agro-Tourism will move elsewhere-or do developers want this so they can bulldoze the farms?

Not in My Backyard
Tilley Entertainment has already tried and failed with this proposal elsewhere in Loudoun County.
 to build it off Sycolin Rd., a two lane road, in Leesburg (just outside of town limits). Then they tried off Evergreen Mill Rd., also a two lane rd, right by Ryan Rd. And finally they tried at Loudoun County Parkway/Dulles Overlook. These locations were not near residential and was denied because of the proposals did not fit the nature of the locations. See the applications.

The Purcellville Community Development Department has received a revised application to build an apartment complex and a 18.7 acre indoor/outdoor recreational facility on Hirst Road. The uses are proposed to be located on land on the south side of Hirst Road starting at the corner of Maple and Hirst. The following information is available at this point in the application process.

Apartment Complex:
  • 176 units in 7 three-story buildings
  • 30 one-bedroom units and 146 two- and three- bedroom units
  • 422 parking spaces
  • The property is currently zoned CM-1 and in order to proceed with the apartment complex the site must be rezoned to a district that allows multi-family residential units. The developers will be applying for a comprehensive plan amendment as the present commercial industrial designation does not allow multi-family dwellings.
  • Proposed zoning PDH-15 allows for 15 dwelling units per acre
Recreational Facility:
  • The proposal is to construct a 18.7 acre multi-use indoor/outdoor recreational facility that would include miniature golf, bumper boats, electric go-carts, bowling alley, land for special events, etc.
  • The six acre parcel between the rescue center and the apartment site is zoned commercial/industrial. The proposal is to rezone this land area to Mixed Commercial.